Outbound sales simplified

Unified leadgen and sales communication platform to help build more pipeline in minutes.

Prospect instantly, with laser precision

Just enter your ideal customer profile and get verified emails immediately!

Find 50 VPs of Marketing in companies that raised a Series A within the past 3 months, use both Marketo and Salesforce, have 50-500 employees, and belong to the B2B SaaS Recruiting Software verticals. Oh, and exclude any prospects in accounts we've already prospected.

Convert cold leads into sales opportunities

  • Create a sequence to automatically follow up with anyone who didn't reply
  • Track opens, clicks, and replies
  • A/B test emails templates
  • Native Gmail and Microsoft Outlook integration

Seamless Salesforce integration

  • Live bi-directional sync

    All leads and emails in ZenProspect are automatically pushed to your Salesforce account, and vice-versa

  • Deduplication

    Automatically dedupe against existing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts

  • Enrichment

    Enjoy free enrichment of your Leads or Accounts with Company Size, Technology, Location and other info

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