42 is a predictive analytics platform for retailers. 42 turns raw point-of-sale data into actionable insights for brick-and-mortar businesses.


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If you're not on ZenProspect, you're wasting valuable time prospecting, setting up sequences, and achieving the reply rates you need. ZP has it all down, from the chrome extension to the lead gen, ZenProspect is definitely a game changer.
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42 Technologies is a predictive analytics platform for retailers. They dynamically consolidate raw sources of data, such as point-of-sale, and give retailers clear insights on how to grow their business. 42 unleashes the power of big data to gain valuable insights on customer buying patterns, see sell-through rates, missed opportunities and ways to grow —all on a web platform accessible from anywhere. Growing quickly and searching for the right partners & sales targets; 42 was looking to implement a more effective end-to-end solution for their heavy prospecting and sales needs.

The Challenge

42 Technologies had previously been utilizing a medley of tools and services such as ZoomInfo, Email Hunter, YesWare, and Outreach to gain access to lead contact data and send campaigns. The sheer amount of time spent on cleaning and importing data back and forth between their CRM and drafting one-off emails was both highly inefficient and tedious. Aiming to scale their outbound sales, 42 sought a consolidated platform that could provide better results, faster, and with the capability to remain highly personalized for their industry specific outreach.

The Solution

42 Technologies was able to drastically ramp up production and results (qualified sales opportunities and product demos) within their first two weeks using ZenProspect. Previously, their sales people had to go through a tedious process of researching individuals and companies using numerous tabs and piecing together various data sources. The ability to build highly targeted lead lists, utilize automated research and personalization helped their sales team double their reply rates and set more demos converting to deals than ever before.

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“I love how ZP cut down our prospecting time compared to traditional methods, saving my team tremendous amounts of work and keeping our SDR's on the phone and qualifying as many leads as possible. Switching to ZP is one of the best decisions we've made in 2016 and we can't thank them enough!”

Fineas Tatar, Sales Team Lead


After switching to ZenProspect, the sales team at 42 was able to increase the number of qualified demos booked by 280% with reply rates soaring to 17% instead of the usual 8%. The consolidated lead generation cut down prospecting time enormously for the team, allowing them to focus more on negotiating and closing deals – while simultaneously saving money and time. 42 heavily utilized the ZenProspect browser extension to allow them to prospect from anywhere and add anyone to a custom sequence immediately without worrying about importing contact data back and forth in spreadsheets with custom fields to retain a personalized touch.


  • Doubled positive email reply rates
  • Increased # of qualified demos by 280%
  • Saved each salesperson 8 hours a week of collecting and updating data
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