ZenProspect combines lead generation, sales communication, and analytics to help you build more pipeline in minutes.

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Prospect instantly, with laser precision.

Just enter your ideal customer profile and get verified emails immediately!

Find 50 VPs of Marketing in companies that raised a Series A within the past 3 months, use both Marketo and Salesforce, have 50-500 employees, and belong to the B2B SaaS Recruiting Software vertical. Oh, and exclude any prospects in accounts we've already prospected.

  • Title, Job Function, Seniority

  • Industry, Market, Specialty

  • Company Size, Revenue, Location

  • Web Technologies Used

  • Venture Funding Raised

  • Keywords in social media profiles, company web pages

  • Specific Accounts

  • Excluded Accounts

  • Your Custom Criteria

The highest quality leads. Deduped against your existing contacts.

  • Less than 5% bounce rate. Your money back for all bounces

  • Automatically exclude existing leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities

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Automated sales outreach with a human touch

Set up a sequence of emails and calls to automatically convert cold leads into warm sales opportunities

Seamless sales communication

  • Automatic smart follow-ups

    Set multiple touch points and we'll automatically follow up with anyone who didn't reply.

  • Open, click, and reply tracking

    Easily track conversion rates on every campaign.

  • Out-of-office detection

    Our system automatically captures and removes any out-of-office and bounces.

  • Custom scheduling

    Schedule your emails for any time or day of the week.

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Dead Simple A/B testing

Easily convert your prospects with automatic A/B testing. Just enter multiple templates, and we'll randomly distribute emails to help you measure which one performs best.

Seamless Salesforce integration

  • Live bi-directional sync

    All leads and emails in ZenProspect are automatically pushed to your Salesforce account, and vice-versa

  • Deduplication

    Automatically dedupe against existing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts

  • Enrichment

    Enjoy free enrichment of your Leads or Accounts with Company Size, Technology, Location and other info

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