Find decision makers, at the moment of decision.

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Prospect Searcher

Find people and companies in your ideal customer profile with laser precision.

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200M contacts, 10M businesses, 65+ data attributes.

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LinkedIn Integration

Supercharge your LinkedIn workflows

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Fill your CRM with 65+ firmographic fields for scoring, routing, research, analytics, and more.

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Job Change Alerts

Keep your CRM clean and track your champions with job change alerts

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Prospect Searcher

An illustration representing Apollo is a data-first go-to-market platform to help you reach your full market potential, integrating data, engagement, and insights into a streamlined workflow.

Target your ideal buyer with precision.

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Find the right companies

Find the best companies in your territory and prioritize based on technology, hiring, funding, and dozens of other triggers.

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Find the right people

Find the best contacts at each company and search by name, job title, location, and dozens of other signals.

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Accurate emails and direct dial phone numbers

60+ Data Attributes for laser precise targeting and enrichment


VC Funding

# Employees

Job Changes


Technologies Used


Size by Department

LinkedIn Prospector

Supercharge your LinkedIn

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Direct CRM Push

Sync LinkedIn contacts directly into Salesforce or Hubspot

Automatic Research and Stage Sync

See intelligence info like stage, email activity, and much more on any LinkedIn prospect, instantly.


Keep your CRM fresh and clean

Append: Complete your picture of every lead, contact, and account profile. We enrich your records with 65+ data points in the Apollo Database to complete records with the data that is critical for your sales strategy.

Clean: Data decay is a rate of 20% per quarter. Let us help you mitigate the headaches that come along with that. You can correct, append, and update your data as time goes on for an everlasting accurate database.


Fix stale contacts and track your champions.

Keep your Salesforce clean with the help of Apollo Refresh. Discover real-time updates to data entries every time a contact changes jobs or gets promoted. Reps are continually provided the information they need to connect and can quickly capitalize on new business opportunities.

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