email tracking
No email is ever out of sight or out of mind
Keep track of who's reading your emails, links, and attachments right when they first engage, so you can strategize in real time. Check the status of your tracked emails without needing to leave your inbox.
Gmail <> Salesforce Sync
Push Gmail updates to Salesforce
Your emails, attachments, calls, and meetings will sync to Salesforce in real time, so you don't have to worry about setting aside time on your calendar for manual entry any longer.

The Gmail Sidebar shows all recent changes and let's you create new personal tasks all within your inbox.
email templates
Optimize your emails
Immediately drop contacts into successful sequences and keep frequently used email templates on hand to cut down on drafting time. Your open and reply rates will always be tracked, so you can try out different messaging ideas to A/B test the outcomes of your written content.
Send Later and Reminders
Keep all conversations on your radar
Reminders allow you to make of note of when you need to circle back with someone. The email will rise to the top of your inbox along with the reminder to tell you it's time.

You can mark emails as Send Later to pick a better, future time for you message. You pick a time and ZenProspect will make it happen.
Prospect Research
Immediately find helpful background
Quickly get background on your prospects within your Gmail without any external research as well as get a full run down of all previous interactions or events with that contact.
Title, Department, Seniority
Relevant company tags
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
Location, Industry
Number of Employees
Company AngelList
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