Performance Analytics
Immediately actionable performance analytics
See real-time analytics that help ensure your outreach is making the best use of your time and setting you up for success
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Full funnel enlightenment
See what’s happening at each step of the sales process at a glance.
How many calls and emails is everyone sending?
Is everyone sticking to the right strategy?
How many opportunites are converting?
Optimize Processes
Turn testing into processes
A/B testing and engagement rates on content paint a clear picture on what works and what doesn't, so teams can test out every idea to see if it deserves a place in the permanent team process.
Constant Growth
There's always room for improvement
Metrics on email and call outreach show areas for growth as well as areas of real promise. One salesperson's success can easily be shared across teams as key learnings.
Keep your hindsight 20/20
Reporting on past results give a clear path for the future. Fast and easy reports highlight why specific representatives were so successful, be it because they found the ideal outreach timing or the perfect approach to messaging.
ICP Location
Use ZenProspect to find your ICP
Finding your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a key component of any outreach strategy, but can be time-consuming, difficult, and error prone. ZenProspect does all of that number crunching for you to pinpoint your perfect profiles.
Team Leaderboards
Push yourself to be the best
Keep an eye on your progress as well as who's rising in the ranks within intra-company leader boards. You'll see your colleagues' ranks as well as what metrics are driving them upwards.
Timing analytics
When's your timing sweetspot?
Some prospects and industries respond better at certain times of the day. Figure out when works best for your individual outreach with timing-based analytics.
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