Turn the guesswork into science
You could spend hours sourcing and searching or your could simply look at each prospects' individual Predictive Score to know how perfect an opportunity they are. ZenProspect uses artificial intelligence to calculate each score using your team's historical success data.
Focus on the accounts that will close
Your time is valuable, so Predictive Insights uses your company's data to find potential accounts that are most likely to close and with the largest deal size possible.
Smart suggestions
How it works
Connect your CRM
ZenProspect will use all historical data from past closed deals to ascertain what has contributed to your past success.
Then the platform analyzes your wins
Converted Opportunities
Persona Type
Job Postings
Number of Users
Capital Raised
Run machine learning algorithm
The platform looks into the above criteria to find trends that can help it predict what kinds of companies are most likely to close.
New accounts suggested
Rather than having to be continually searching on your own, ZenProspect is continually doing that work for you in the background.
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