Orchestrate the perfect workflow for your team
Once you find the perfect pattern for your outreach of calls, emails or both, you can save your sequence for all current and future teammates.
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Discover your best workflow strategy to pique interest and action
The right sequence of writing and messaging can turn passive disinterest into engaged responses. Build the right step by step sequence for your strategy by creating the right blend of manual emails, phone calls, automated emails, LinkedIn messages, and more
Persona Specific
Build the right sequence for each of your different buyer personas
Different accounts require different types of messaging or contact, so ZenProspect allows you to customize for each persona
Close more business with personalized emails at scale
A layer of customization increases your chances of landing a meeting, so we've made it simple to send more personalized emails than ever before with intelligent snippets within your email templates
Performance Analytics
Immediately learn from your work
Track the progress of each step of your workflow and which aspects are succeeding, such as reply rates and appointment rates.
Learn what inspires responses
Waste no time testing every creative idea that pops into your head through intuitive A/B testing. Even the smallest of changes can have the greatest of impacts.
Add a layer of intelligence on top of your strategy
ZenProspect works behind the scenes to make your outreach smarter
Automatic OOO Detection
Any potential OOO replies or bounces will automatically be detected before you send
Open, Click, and Reply Tracking
All opens, clicks, and replies by your prospect as well as your colleagues will be tracked on every campaign
Custom Scheduling
Decide which times of day or days of the week work best for your individual outreach
Automatic Smart Replies
You sequences will advance to your customized next steps with any email replies sending automatically
multi purpose utility
Make every process as seamless as your outbound
Sequences work beyond the typical outbound work. Utilize seamless workflows to aid your inbound-based work, customer service emails, recruitment outreach, and any manual email flow.