Trigger Alerts
Never miss a happy "coincidence" again
Trigger Alerts allow you to instantly jump on any company change that will help start a new conversation, re-engage a contact, or win a partnership.
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Create the alerts that fit your goals
Different companies have different goals, so alerts can't be one size fits all. Track everything from new funding to new hires to steep increases in user count.
New Job Posting
Raised VC Funding
Changed Job
New Product
New Blog Post
New Technology
Live Newsfeed
See what you've missed at every sign in
Create an ongoing newsfeed of all major events at your key accounts to ensure no opportunity goes uninvestigated.
salesforce sync
Trigger Events follow you onto Salesforce
Your Salesforce will automatically update with all relevant company updates to give you the most complete snapshots possible of the status of all key accounts.
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