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SDR Managers achieve a complete view of their team
ZenProspect helps SDR Managers reach the next level by giving them tools they need to ensure their whole team crushes quota
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See exactly where your team needs improvement
Watch them grow and improve and pinpoint areas that still need work because ultimately, their success is your success.
Conduct outreach of your own
The work is never done! Utilize the most advanced set of targeting tools on the market to find the exact right prospects to add to your individual pipeline.
Oversee the content and approach in your team's messaging
Keep a close eye on what your team is sending and saying in calls to watch for great new content ideas as well as to govern which sequences they can use.
Translate the sucess of one rep into success for all
Got a rockstar rep on your hands? Great! Find out what's truly behind their success through accurate metrics and reporting to convert their success into success across your team.
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