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SDR Managers
Account Executives
The entire SDR process on a single tab
ZenProspect helps SDRs reach the next level through the easiest way to approach both cold and warm outreach
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Spend less time combing lists
We've all been there, hours spent pouring over online lists and multiple websites to find the best possible group of prospects. ZenProspect's targeting tools cuts that time to a fraction of what you're used to.
Powerful integrations for your sales toolbox
Salesforce integration
Never miss a detail on Salesforce
All calls, meetings, responses, and more instantly sync to Salesforce, so information stays up-to-date and wires remain uncrossed.
Gmail Extension
Maxmize your Gmail based productivity
With the ZenProspect Gmail Extension you can optimize your inbox in terms of messaging, reminders, and tasks, so your outreach never skips a beat or misses an opportunity.
trigger events
Track key events for your strategic accounts
Create custom Trigger Events to watch for recent news or updates about your key accounts to capitalize on opportunities to reopen conversations and reengage contacts you thought you lost.
Craft individualized messaging at any scale
Write the ideal email and/or call sequences to turn your cold prospects into warm leads. Add as many emails as you want to your sequence and track the success of each step.
reply tracking
Watch as your prospects read and respond
Quickly identify which responses are positive, neutral or negative, and how many result in a meeting. Optimizing your outreach is more than simply tracking replies.
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